Old confectionery in Tokyo.

I went to “Oumi-ya-confectionery”(近江屋洋菓子店 in Tokyo.

If you have interested in Japanese style confectionery, I recommend this shop!

The shop located in Kanda where very close Akihabara.

If you have plan go to this area, you should go to the shop!!

The shop established about 130 years ago that one of the oldest confectionery in Tokyo.

The shop has saved old fashion style confectionery.

The shop cheaper than other stores, but products are good quality.


I bought a strawberry short cake and custard cream puff.

strawberry short cake is 300 Japanese en. (about less 3 dollars.)

It is very cheap price, but cream is  smooth texture  and taste is great!!

custard cream puff is 200 Japanese en.(about less 2 dollars.)

It is cheap! crust is toasty, custard cream is rustic taste  and texture is thick.


another day, I bought 2 flavers Ice cream.

I chosen vanilla topped cherry ice cream and yogurt ice cream.(about 3 dollars for one.)


These are home made.

Vanilla ice cream is thick, I felt these aren’t contain additives that taste is natural.


2-4 Kanda-awaji-cho chiyoda-ku Tokyo.
Business hour. Mon-sat: 9 AM to 7 PM. Sun and national holiday: 10 AM to 5 PM.


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