Hurry up! If you ‘re going to go to Taiwan.

If you have plan to go to Taiwan when during the April to October.

I recommend “冰讚”(Bingzang) shaving ice shop.

The shop located Shuanglian subway station from walk a distance.

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Probably This  shop the most famous shaving ice for Japanese traveler.

I traveled Taiwan in this June when I visited the shop   60 – 70 % Japanese customers.

I ordered “milk flavored shaving ice with apple-mango and water melon.”

a ice cube contained milk and sugar that texture was like powder snow!!

mango was so sweet!

The shop feelings provide good mango to customers.

so,   business time changed every year.

because a mango season change depending on the weather.

The business time is about Apr to Oct.

Hurry up! The shop will have closed soon.


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