Soda with Ice cream (We called “Cream soda”)

Have you ever seen the drink in your country?

I have seen some kind of drink topped with ice cream in oversea.

I never seen like this drink in over sea.

Probably It is original drink in Japan.

If you find it in Japan, I hope to you favorite it!!

What’ name the drink?

We called it “Cream soda”. 「クリームソーダ」

We don’t say..

for example…soda with ice cream→We called “cream soda.”

curry with rice→We called “curry rice.”

Where can I find it?

It usually provide individual coffee shops.

A part of  fast food shops provide it.

What’s flavored  is it?

Soda flavored with melon syrup and topped vanilla ice cream.

Firstly it separate a part of cream and soda.

You keep going to the drink that combine ice cream and soda, It getting creamy!

I love the drink❤

Unfortunately, I never been to the shop which located in Kyoto.

The shop has provided 24 flavors “cream soda”!!

24 flavors!? incredible!!!

check out the shop↓


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